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Scheduling ensures your business runs smoothly day in and day out. Rest assured the right people are working at the right time with the added convenience of keeping everyone in the organization informed and connected to their schedules. Schedules are automatically or manually created for a given work area and are made visible to employees through the calendar on their homepage. When a vacancy arises, the scheduler is presented with a list of employees who possess the competencies required to fill the shift. Employee timesheets reflect their schedule for the given timeframe to save time on data entry.


Maximize productivity and ensure compliance with organizational policies with automated clocking. Let the system track time in and time out by web-based, card-based or bio clocking devices, whatever is most convenient for your workforce. Clock punches record the day, time and time zone and are automatically mapped onto an employee’s timesheet to cut down on data entry. Clocking and scheduling work together to deliver key insight to managers including employees who regularly clock in early, late or when employees miss a clock punch entirely.


The automation and pre-generation of timesheets improves organizational performance by saving time, reducing errors and providing helpful data for more effective costing. Timesheets are completed and submitted by employees, and then reviewed by the appropriate manager. In addition to tracking when employees are working, it can also be helpful to track what they are working on. By collecting information on time spent working towards objectives, managers gain valuable insight on the productivity of their workforce.

Leave Management

Reduce administrative headaches and free up your HR team's resources with leave management that's configured to suit your needs. Clarify and communicate leave policies for any type of leave and ensure everyone understands their entitlement. Simplify and streamline the leave request process with company policy based workflows that accept valid requests and automatically route them appropriately for approval then confirm the result to employees. Provide managers with real-time leave information on their team to ensure adequate coverage when they are approving requests. Reduce errors with automatic accrual calculations and gain valuable insight into your overall leave program.


Automating expense tracking and integrating it with other HR processes significantly reduces administration time for all employees. Leverage the advantages of the Cloud by capturing and storing expense details online for easy access. Never misplace a paper receipt again. Entering company expenses is a simple and straightforward process configurable to the way your company does business. Creating and submitting expenses by business trip is as simple as entering totals (transportation, hotel, food, etc.) and attaching scans of receipts. Once submitted, expense statements are forwarded to the appropriate manager for approval and then transferred to Payroll for processing. Expense statements can be summarized on the subsequent pay stub.

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