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Tracking and cultivating competencies improves employee productivity, engagement and the bottom line. Establish and mature your own language around skills, certifications and knowledge that’s pertinent to your business. Use competencies to better describe jobs and their requirements. Apply competencies to individual employees based on their unique set of skills, certifications and knowledge. Identify training and skill gaps across your organization based on competency proficiency levels and then use this information to develop recruiting drives and training programs.

Learning & Development

Training encourages professional development, increases engagement, keeps employees and the organization compliant and results in a more productive workforce. Provide the resources your employees need to learn and grow by creating and managing all aspects of training and development including course design, scheduling, registration, attendance and assessments. Conduct live, in-class sessions or use a variety of online formats including written, audio, video and SCORM modules to enable students to complete courses on any device. Provide up-to-the-minute insight on employee progress to managers and automatically update employee competencies and certifications upon successful course completion.

Performance & Goals

Combining an employee's individual work objectives with the overall goals of the organization enhances connectivity and ensures everyone is working for the desired result. Easily set visible, high level goals for the organization, departments or teams. Assign objectives to employees that are tied to those goals ensuring individual progress correlates to the success of the organization. Track on-going progress via regular updates from employees and their managers. Automatically schedule periodic reviews, assign reviewers, update competencies and initiate compensation, promotion and training decisions. Gain insight into the cumulative efforts towards achieving goals at any time.

Succession Planning

Promote organizational continuity from within, reward your best performers and ensure long-term strength of leadership with succession planning. Reduce the risk associated with vacancies in key leadership positions by formalizing visible succession plans complete with timelines and progress tracking. Motivate your employees to succeed and envision a future within your organization by creating unique development plans for potential successors. Integrate managers and other leaders in the process through the ability to interact, view and compare the suitability and progress of multiple potential successors.

Compensation Management

Seeing the big picture while controlling the details helps you reward and promote performance while keeping your bottom line healthy. Leverage the benefits of diverse compensation packages (benefits, pension plans, etc.) to reward employees with a concise pay-for-performance process. Predict and calculate the impact of a variety of compensation types including base salaries, contracts and bonuses. Ensure managers have all the information they need to make educated compensation decisions while staying in-tune with company policies and labor market trends. Easily and effectively integrate performance reviews into the process and create up-to-the-minute compensation reports with one click.

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