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Frequently Asked Questions

1Could I get more details on Nortek's encryption?
We employ best-in-class encryption in the following ways:
1. Passwords are encrypted using advanced algorithms that include salted password hashing with key stretching.
2. All data is encrypted at rest using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
3. All data in transit between your browsers and our Cloud servers is encrypted using 128-bit+ TLS 1.2 over TCP/IP using a 2048-bit certificate and strong cipher suites.
2How does Nortek manage user access?
User access rights and permissions within our application are primarily role based ensuring consistent and reliable implementation. Administrators have the ability to define who has access to what employee information within the system. Access to your data by the Nortek team is restricted on an as-needed basis to individuals who support the you. Personnel information is never sold or accessed by third parties.
3How will my data be hosted?
We use industry leading hosting providers (IBM Cloud and Rackspace) and multiple data centers in the United States and Canada. Your data will be hosted in data centers based on your location to ensure the highest system performance and comply with international data security requirements. Cloud servers are located in fully guarded premises with physical access management. Access is restricted to authorized staff and intrusion prevention and detection systems are in place. Stringent security protocols are used. Our hosting providers are compliant with industry leading standards such as ISO / IEC 27001; ISAE 3402 / SSAE 16; FISMA; HIPAA; and more.
4How will my data be backed up?
Each client has their own database schema and document repository instance which facilitates backup and recovery and ensures the highest level of data security. All production servers are backed up at least once a day. Canadian production servers are also replicated in real-time. Replication servers are located, and back-ups are securely stored more than 250 miles/400 km from source.
5Is my data always available to me?
Our cloud hosting providers have a 100% uptime guarantee. We conduct periodic infrastructure maintenance off-hours during scheduled maintenance windows. Due to our system’s architecture, we rarely require more than a few minutes of downtime during these maintenance windows as most maintenance can be conducted while the application is in use.
6Does Nortek take any additional security measures?
Our security program also includes:
• Employee training & background checks
• Secure code development & testing
• Vulnerability scanning & penetration testing
• Hardware, software and application firewalls
• Application and infrastructure monitoring, logging, auditing and event management
• Virus, trojan and malware protection

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