Get the most out of your solution

Helping you engage your workforce, improve efficiency, lower costs and get the greatest value from your software is our passion. We're here to help you improve your bottom line and that takes more than just an amazing solution. Our dedicated, knowledgeable team will make the effort to understand your specific needs and provide you with outstanding service.

We value

Our Relationships

We become your partner, not just your vendor. Our success is tied to your success.

The Big Picture

Our solution is designed to make interfacing with your other technologies and suppliers easy and effective.

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking to the future and continually strive to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Better results in less time

Nortek's iterative approach to implementation ensures the process is broken down into small, palatable steps that address your needs in order of importance. Drive your implementation project based on your requirements and leverage our expertise to ensure our software works the way you work. A knowledgeable team will be dedicated to your project from day one and will transition you to on-going support following go-live to ensure a consistent experience.


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Convenience in the Cloud

Nortek People Management Software is optimized for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment in a Cloud environment. SaaS is a method of delivering software solutions on a subscription basis. All of your organization’s information is securely hosted in the Cloud. Save money on costs traditionally associated with self-hosted applications including hardware, IT staff, secondary licenses, lease costs for office space, ongoing energy costs and periodic hardware and software upgrades. You’ll have access to all of your data with full application functionality through almost any web browser anywhere (home, office or while travelling), on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop), at any time.

We can help

Centralize data

Secure your data in the Cloud and make it accessible any time, anywhere, from any device.

Automate processes

Let our powerful policy engine ensure things are done by the right people at the right time.

Improve efficiency

Cut down on administrative time and errors while becoming fully audit-able.

Plan for the future

Use charting and reporting to gain helpful insight into how your business is running.

Built from the ground up

Nortek Solutions Inc. was founded in 2000 based on a vision of improved productivity for organizations worldwide through the automation of HR, Payroll and Financial functions. We are constantly evolving and leveraging the vast experience of our growing team to develop the most innovative technology. We have pioneered our own path in the industry by creating a unique technology platform from the ground up to serve as the foundation for Nortek People Management Software. Our clients avoid the technical and administrative drawbacks associated with a patchwork of integrations thanks to our powerful single code base that enables all aspects of our solution to work together seamlessly.