The right people working at the right time

Automated scheduling ensures your business runs smoothly day in and day out. Rest assured the right people are working at the right time with the added convenience of keeping everyone in the organization informed and connected to their schedules.

Schedules are automatically or manually created for a given work area and are made visible to employees through the calendar on their homepage. When a vacancy arises, the scheduler is presented with a list of employees who possess the competencies required to fill the shift. Employee timesheets reflect their schedule for the given timeframe to save time on data entry.



View valuable analytics on schedules and required schedule tasks.

Absence Explanations

Review explanations for absences on schedules and timesheets.

Available Staff

Generate a list of staff available to fill a vacancy sorted based on seniority.

Contact Log

Keep track of who was contacted to fill a vacancy and when.

Employee Schedule Access

Make individual employee's schedules visible on their home page as well as in Outlook, Google or their mobile device calendars.

Employee Work Preferences

Permit employees to define their work preferences including preferred work location, shifts and their work availability.


Incorporate paid or unpaid meals into the schedule and support floating meal times.

Schedule Definition

Define schedules for individual work groups, departments, work sites or businesses with start/end times or work hours.

Schedule Frequency

Determine how frequently the schedule is automatically created.

Schedule Overview

View schedules by employee, position or required task.

Schedule Rules

Prevent employees from being scheduled during an approved leave.

Shift Communications

Define preferred method of communication (email or SMS) to receive updates on schedule changes, requests to fill vacancies, action items, etc.

Shift Definition

Configure shifts for each work site or work group using the shift policy builder.

Shift Patterns

Establish shift patterns and tie them to specific work teams or groups.

Shift Revisions

Change or update shift details as required. Easily create ad hoc shifts by specifying required jobs, number of staff, work site, etc.


Automatically reflect approved leave requests on the schedule.

Downloadable Resources

Looking for reference material? For more information and software screenshots feel free to download one of our convenient PDFs.