Encourage smart hiring

Free up hours of administrative time by automating and streamlining your recruiting process with pre-populated job descriptions, automatic postings to external job boards, social media integration, criteria based candidate ranking, workflows and collaborative hiring processes.

An inviting application process makes applying for jobs quick and painless for candidates while ensuring you have all the information you need in one place to make the best hiring decisions. Completed applications provide the foundation for an employee profile that is automatically activated when the selected candidate accepts the job offer.


Applicant Assessments

Create, edit, assign and store assessments.

Applicant History

View comprehensive application histories for all candidates.

Applicant Tracking

Track applicants through all stages of the recruiting process.

Background Checks

Conduct and store background check information.

Branded Career Site

Job openings can be automatically posted to your own fully branded, configurable career site.

Candidate Profile Management

Extensive candidate profiles include work history, resumes and education.

Candidate Ranking

Automatically rank and compare candidate qualifications based on specified job requirements.

Candidate Self Service

Candidates have the opportunity to edit or remove their profile after submitting a job application.


Give multiple managers the opportunity to provide feedback on candidates.

Configurable Workflow

Workflow actions can be configured based on unique business needs.

Document Upload

Upload and store documents in any format.

Internal & External Job Postings

Keep job postings private and internal or extend them to public job boards and websites.

Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews and notify candidates via email directly in the system.

Job & Applicant Status

Easily review the latest developments pertaining to a vacancy or applicant in real time.

Job Board Integration

Job openings can be integrated with a number of job boards including Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, etc.

Job Offers

Create job offers and automatically notify successful candidates.

Job Openings

Approved job requisitions are automatically become active job openings posted internally and/or externally.

Job Requisitions

Job requisitions can be created and managed with their associated job description and requirements.


Add journal entries to any candidate profile or assessment.

Reference Checks

Record and store reference checks and contact information.

Rejection Emails

Automatically send rejection emails when a job opening is closed.


Create detailed reports on all areas of the recruiting process including external listings, job openings, job opportunities and job applications.

Searchable Talent Pool

Customized applicant pools can be created to simplify searching for desired applicants.

Social Media Integration

Apply for jobs using details automatically uploaded from your LinkedIn profile.

Downloadable Resources

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