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Use our convenient pricing tool to review your options by including or excluding features, changing the number of employees and experimenting with subscription terms. When you're satisfied with your configuration, submit the form below and we'll send you a PDF version of your estimated monthly cost. To see our solution in action and discuss how we can handle your specific requirements, we'll organize a time that fits your schedule for a quick and easy online demo. Our goal is to help you make an educated decision when purchasing HR software.

Configure your solution


Our comprehensive solution is configured so that you only pay for what you need. Core HR is required and all other features are optional. You have the ability to add additional functionality over time as your organization grows or your needs change.







Pricing is based on the number of active staff in your organization such as employees, contractors, volunteers, etc. including those on short and long-term leave.


Choosing a longer term lowers the price and locks in your per employee rate throughout the length of the subscription.



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Subscriptions include

Selected Features

Self-service for the number of employees indicated and full use of Core HR and the features selected above.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud-hosted environment with 24/7 secured access.


Administration and monitoring of the application, database and technical environment.

Regular Maintenance

Patches, updates and new releases automatically added as required.

Backups & Recovery

Daily backups of data, documents and media including off-site storage, rotation, retention and periodic testing. Infrastructure & application recovery if required.


Compliance with industry leading security standards ensures the highest level of information and data protection.

Document & Media Storage

1 GB of document and media storage is provided for every 100 employees.

Resume Parsing

If the Recruiting feature is selected, includes 200 resume parses per 100 employees.


Convenient customer support by phone, fax or email.

Frequently asked questions

We will send you a PDF of your estimated monthly subscription cost and will connect with you to schedule a one-hour demonstration. Once confirmed, we’ll be sure to send you all the information you need to connect on-line as well as invite members of your team to participate.

We conduct most demonstrations online via a web meeting service such as Go-To-Meeting. We begin each demo with an open discussion regarding your specific requirements, the challenges you face and what you’d like to achieve by implementing Nortek People Management Software. Based on this discussion, and the features you selected, we’ll provide you with a unique, interactive demonstration on how our solution can help you achieve your objectives.

Our iterative approach to implementation ensures your time-to-value is as short as possible. Core HR is the foundation of our solution and is implemented first. You can expect Core HR to be up and running on the Cloud within 4 to 6 weeks. Subsequent iterations to configure features are based on your priorities.

Implementation fees are contingent on the amount of functionality you choose, the complexity of your needs and the level of involvement of your team in the project. A fact-finding discussion is required to learn more about your requirements before a precise estimate can be provided. We include training as part of the implementation project. In our experience, most clients can expect to pay between 50% and 150% of their annual subscription fees applicable to the features being implemented.

Absolutely not. Nortek People Management Software is a single full-featured solution. However, you only pay subscription fees for the features you need when you need them. You can add functionality to your subscription at any time. We will provide you with an estimate of the implementation costs (see “How much does implementation cost?”).

Unlike locally-hosted applications, you don’t need to pay for hardware, IT staff, secondary licenses, lease costs for office space, ongoing energy costs and periodic hardware and software upgrades… it’s all included in your Cloud-based subscription. Implementation fees are separate (see “How much does implementation & training cost?”). You may incur additional fees if you require more resume parsing credits, extra media storage, time clock devices or special test environments. These needs will be identified during our fact finding discussion.