Enhance organizational connectivity

Combining an employee's individual work objectives with the overall goals of the organization enhances connectivity and ensures everyone is working for the desired result.

Easily set visible, high level goals for the organization, departments or teams. Assign objectives to employees that are tied to those goals ensuring individual progress correlates to the success of the organization. Track on-going progress via regular updates from employees and their managers. Automatically schedule periodic reviews, assign reviewers, update competencies and initiate compensation, promotion and training decisions. Gain insight into the cumulative efforts towards achieving goals at any time.


90 to 360 Degree Appraisals

Gather feedback from employees, peers, supervisors, managers, subordinates, direct reports and/or external personnel during the review process.

Balanced Scorecard Perspective

View goals and objectives from a balanced scorecard perspective (financial, customer, process, personnel).

Business Goals

Record high level business goals for key organizational areas.

Compensation Change Requests

Initiate compensation change requests as a result of a successful performance review.

Configurable Review Policies

Establish guidelines and rules to ensure reviews are handled according to company policy and review dates are not missed.

Disciplinary Actions

Record key information including severity, date of occurrence, action taken, etc. and track remediation over time.

Employee Performance Profile

Maintain all details about an employee’s performance including their job description, work assignment, objectives, competencies, development activities, past reviews, etc.


Apply specific metrics (e.g. sales quotes) and draw on data from tracking sources to assess progress against metric-based goals.

Objective Setting

Establish individual objectives aligned with positional, departmental and/or organizational goals during review sessions.

Objective Feedback & Rewards

Make notes and perform evaluations on employee objectives with the ability to associate compensation-based rewards with their completion.

Performance Assessments

Configure a variety of performance assessments using a variety of question types including true/false, freeform text, multiple choice, ranking, etc.

Progress Tracking

Monitor an employee’s progress towards achieving their objectives by reviewing the updates they are prompted to provide on a regular basis.


Create detailed reports on all areas of performance including objectives updates, performance reviews, compensation requests, disciplinary actions, etc.

Review Types & History

Support multiple review types including annual, bi-annual, quarterly, ad hoc, etc. Track progress over time by storing previously completed reviews.


Automatically generate reminder notifications to ensure timely completion.

S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

Apply and track the principles of setting S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) objectives.

Downloadable Resources

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