Pay Profiles

Handle the payment of your entire workforce including employees, contractors, retirees and more. Use personnel data from Core HR including demographics and assignment/compensation details to build accurate pay profiles without the need for double entry. Grant employees the self-service ability to provide banking and personal exemption details and complete Government forms (TD1, W4, etc.) online. Use pay profiles to file ROEs directly.

Pay Transactions

Pay Management

Manage pay transactions by automatic generation, manual entry, loading from external sources or based on data captured during timekeeping.

Transaction Flexibility

Support recurring transactions and enter off-cycle miscellaneous transactions.


Handle exceptions such as mid-period hires/terminations and wage changes, multiple assignments and short/long term leaves falling in the period.

Varied Input

Support payroll input from various sources including pay generators, timesheets, recurring entries, manual exception entries, and external imports.

Dated Pay Entries

Record pay details in dated pay entries that hold time/units/dollars by value type and numerous distribution fields.

Pay Analysis

Pay entries serve as the base for everything from pay statements to year-to-dates and they make it possible to analyze every aspect of the labor utilization.

Pay Processing

Automate and manage even the most complex pay cycles with ease. Pays are automatically pre-generated as scheduled. Perform calculations based on all of the master file and transaction information provided. Support multiple pay schedules with regular and special pay runs. Handle all pay types including regular, adjustment, bonus, retro and reversals with extensive pay breakdowns and summaries. Perform special calculations for union dues, garnishments, arrears and much more.

Pay Legislation

Tax Methods

Handle a variety of tax methods depending on the type of pay being calculated including regular, commission, bonus etc.

Payment Types

Support both periodic and non-periodic payment types.

Residents & Non-Residents

Support taxation for resident and non-resident employees.

Current Formulas

Tax calculations and formulas are updated automatically whenever there are legislative changes.

Canadian Legislation

Handle the calculation of federal income tax, provincial income tax, CPP/QPP, EI, QPIP, provincial health tax, and provincial sales tax. Differentiate between T4, T4A, R1 and R2 earnings.


Disburse pays easily in a way that is most convenient for your employees. Disbursements may be made by cheque or direct deposit from designated company bank accounts with automatic interfaces to the banks. Multiple deposit and cheque/deposit combinations are supported.


Automated Entries

Create journal entries automatically for all expenses and liabilities resulting from pays and fringe benefits.

Allocation of Benefits

Support the allocation of fringe benefits.

General Ledgers

Interface with third party general ledger vendors.

G/L Coding

Provide flexible G/L coding for accounts and cost areas.

Payroll Remittances

Generate and prepare government remittances, forms and filings. Support remittances and electronic remittances to suppliers. Enter registrations with tax authorities directly into the system.

Downloadable Resources

Looking for reference material? For more information and software screenshots feel free to download one of our convenient PDFs.