Improve employee performance

Training encourages professional development, increases engagement, keeps employees and the organization compliant and results in a more productive workforce. Provide the resources your employees need to learn and grow by creating and managing all aspects of training and development including course design, scheduling, registration, attendance and assessments. Conduct live, in-class sessions or use a variety of online formats including written, audio, video and SCORM modules to enable students to complete courses on any device. Provide up-to-the-minute insight on employee progress to managers and automatically update employee competencies and certifications upon successful course completion.


Analytics & Reporting

Create detailed analytics and reports on all areas of training and development including attendance, scheduling, course details, development programs, training, etc.


Evaluate and automatically assess students via configurable online examinations conducted throughout or upon completion of a course.

Assigned Training

Assign courses to individuals or groups of employees based on specific criteria.

Calendar Updates

Automatically update employee calendars upon registration for in-class courses.

Class Registration

Manage class registration with specific approval requirements, enrollment periods, minimum and maximum class sizes and waiting lists.

Class Scheduling

Schedule courses and their classes that will be conducted internally.

Course Catalog

Provide a list of authorized courses available to employees with full details including intended audience, type, format, duration, cost, supplier, prerequisites, objectives, etc.

Development Programs

Establish development programs for individual employees within the organization

Job Integration

Connect courses to competency, skill and regulatory requirements contained in job profiles.

Progress Tracking

Record employee course results in the system and track progress over time


Notify employees of upcoming class times and due dates.

Training Requests

Route training requests to an employee's manager for approval.

Downloadable Resources

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