Simplify company reimbursements

Automating expense tracking and integrating it with other HR processes significantly reduces administration time for all employees. Leverage the advantages of the Cloud by capturing and storing expense details online for easy access. Never misplace a paper receipt again.

Entering company expenses is a simple and straightforward process configurable to the way your company does business. Creating and submitting expenses by business trip is as simple as entering totals (transportation, hotel, food, etc.) and attaching photos of receipts. Once submitted, expense statements are forwarded to the appropriate manager for approval and then transferred to Payroll for processing. Expense statements can be summarized on the subsequent pay stub.


Configurable Workflow

Manage the flow of information to ensure expense statements are reviewed and approved by appropriate personnel.

Detailed Expense Information

Maintain detailed expense information including date, destination, reason, currency, amount, references, etc.

Expense Reimbursements

Reimburse expenses automatically through Payroll.

Expense Statements

Manage employee submitted expense statements.

Expense Types

Pre-defined expense types include travel, meal, business, other etc. and can be adjusted to individual business needs.

Multiple Currencies

Support multiple currencies and exchange rates.

Travel Advances

Submit advanced requests for anticipated expenses to be incurred while travelling.

Upload Receipts

Scan or photograph and upload receipts for attachment to expense statements.

Downloadable Resources

Looking for reference material? For more information and software screenshots feel free to download one of our convenient PDFs.