Maximize your return on talent

Seeing the big picture while controlling the details helps you reward and promote performance while keeping your bottom line healthy. Leverage the benefits of diverse compensation packages (benefits, pension plans, etc.) to reward employees with a concise pay-for-performance process. Predict and calculate the impact of a variety of compensation types including base salaries, contracts and bonuses. Ensure managers have all the information they need to make educated compensation decisions while staying in-tune with company policies and labor market trends. Easily and effectively integrate performance reviews into the process and create up-to-the-minute compensation reports with one click.


Change Management

Support compensation change types including pay scale changes, salary changes, merit increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments and discretionary amounts, etc.

Compensation Plans

Define multiple plans for different classes of employees (hourly, salaried, commissioned, contractors, etc.).

Compensation Policies

Implement control policies to ensure adjustments are correctly applied and to flag inappropriate adjustments that do not comply with company guidelines.

Compensation Types

Support multiple compensation types including base wages, bonuses, incentives, stock options, premiums, etc.

Configurable Workflow

Configure the flow of information to ensure compensation adjustments are reviewed and approved by the appropriate personnel.

Merit Bands

Support merit-bands by performance rating.


Notify appropriate personnel on compensation changes and automatically communicate results to employees.

Pay Scale Management

Manage multiple pay scales including simple salary ranges, multi-step salary ranges, point-based scales, stepped pay grades, rate matrices, etc. Update scales en masse by percentage or dollar amount as of a given date then automatically apply to all usages of the scale.

Performance Increases

Generate compensation increases based on the overall rating from performance reviews.

Quartiles & Compa-Ratios

Take advantage of a visible guideline for salaried employees.  Automatic percentage increase recommendations are provided in pay-for-performance plans.


Create detailed reports on all aspects of compensation management including merit-bands and pay scales.

Salary Surveys

Link to external salary surveys to establish competitive wages.

Downloadable Resources

Looking for reference material? For more information and software screenshots feel free to download one of our convenient PDFs.