Benefit Plans

Manage a wide variety of benefit plans including Insurance, Disability, Health, Spending, Retirement & Stock Options. Plan availability is flexible, allowing for different plans to be assigned to different groups of employees. Hire dates, termination dates, benefit eligibility dates and status changes are handled according to the configured benefit plan rules.

Plan Members

Member Profiles

Track details for every plan member including plan options, enrollment date, dependents & beneficiaries.

Life & Work Events

Enable employees to record life and work events that affect their benefits including marriage, new child, job change, etc.


Benefit enrollment can be done easily by both administrators and employees. Employees can choose or confirm their plans and options during defined open enrollment periods, with auto-enrollment in mandatory plans. Dependents and beneficiaries can be added or removed as required. Open enrollment can be either scheduled or ad-hoc.

Carrier Remittances

Automatic Preparation

Monthly premium remittances are automatically prepared.


Interfaces are available for popular benefit carriers.

Detailed Reports

Produce plan census details and premiums for the benefit providers each reporting period.

Legislative Compliance

Ensure you stay compliant with ACA, COBRA and HIPPA requirements. Determine which employees are eligible and should be afforded benefits. Automatically prepare and submit regulatory reports.

Downloadable Resources

Looking for reference material? For more information and software screenshots feel free to download one of our convenient PDFs.