We hope you’re having an enjoyable and informative experience with our new benefit-based website. One of our biggest motivators for the re-design was the desire to incorporate a blog so we could share our HRMS (Human Resource Management System) industry experience with you, and more importantly to get your input.

As we move through 2012 with the evolution of our people management software, Nortek Solutions Inc. has been dedicating our strategic thinking power to properly positioning ourselves in the current market. There are a few major trends in today’s HRMS marketplace that we are paying close attention to and over the next few weeks we will review our top three trends and how they affect the way you work.

Corporate agility will be found in the Cloud

The term Cloud computing is buzzing around in the news, online, maybe even in your office. But what is it exactly? Cloud computing is a set of pooled resources and services delivered via the web. Need more info? Our affiliates at Rackspace have a great overview.

So what does Cloud computing mean to the HR software industry? This year we can expect a continued growth in the demand for Cloud-based SaaS solutions. In 2007, client interest was less than 1%. This figure has jumped to over 22% in 2011 (Towers Watson, 2012). Cloud-based applications are becoming increasingly popular thanks to enhancements in security and capacity, coupled with a reduction in cost. Cloud computing allows for anytime, anywhere access – perfect for employees who travel often, work flex hours or are based out of a home office.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications built on Cloud computing are ideal for organizations of any size looking to reduce their costs and increase the flexibility of their HR management. There is no hardware, middleware or software to install on your machines. Subscription-based billing is tailored to the suites you need to run your business. As an added bonus, Canadian clientele could be eligible for some incredible funding and support through the DTAPP initiative. Our software can infuse your workplace with this kind of agility, and can help you establish processes specific to your needs (from recruitment to succession planning and everything in between).